movie about stolen/returned art

A new movie, Woman in Gold, is available starring Helen Mirren as Maria Altman who fought Austria to have her aunt's portrait and four other paintings by Klimt, which had been stolen from her family by the Nazis and ended up illegally in the famous Belvedere gallery in Vienna, returned to her with compensation. The combined value (minimal $150 million then) and size of the 5 Klimts is the most valuable return of art stolen by Nazis in Austria to date. \

The Lady in Gold is a good movie based in fact. The Austrians put every obstacle in her way imaginable. A mole in the archives helped find documents the family had never seen which bolstered her argument. It's a  very good movie with Helen Mirren and the guy who was horrible in the Green Lantern (Ryan Reynolds) proves he can really act. It makes the Austrians look really bad, and let's face it, they were. If you haven't seen it, it is definitely worth seeing.  Read more about it here

If you want a really good read with info not found elsewhere about her legal fight, tenacity, and humor, read her NYTimes obituary here 

You can read more about the events and see the incredibly gorgeous Klimts here

Woman in Gold has a release date of April 1. It looks good. Here's a link to the trailer

A documentary film was also made of Maria's efforts. See it and info about it at


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