Alice is 150

Alice Through the Looking glass/in Wonderland is 150 years old, first having been printed in 1865 in the UK. Various theater adaptations and a new Disney film are in the works to mark the anniversary. The Clarke has a gorgeous original American publication from 1866 with original (ugly) drawings. The author saw them after the book was released as a paid subscription, paid in advance only offer, immediately after the Civil War ended. He demanded his agent retrieve them all, bring them back to England, get all new (author approved) drawings, insert them in the book, remove the old drawings and then return them to the purchasers. What a long year for the agent traveling 1 month 1 way on a ship to and from to get orders, to and from to retrieve books, to and from to deliver final copies. Our version is gilt edged and velum bound, lovely even if the images are cold and sterile. Because it was originally presented to Princess Beatrice, the author and his agent could not ask for her to return it to have new images inserted. The book with the original images from the American release, right after the Civil War, are quite rare and it is a very expensive book. Read more about the UK version and anniversary events here.


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