Picasso art cache to be returned to his heirs

Picasso's electrician has been ordered to return 271 pieces of art by Picasso, supposedly given by P's widow to the electrician. The electrician and his wife kept the art in their garage for almost 40 years. He took them to be authenticated and then the heirs were informed and filed a complaint. The couple also received a 2 year suspended sentence. They are in their mid-70s. He says Mrs. Picasso gave him a box filled with the art. They all had to have known then that they were valuable. Why not put them in a bank vault and get a letter from the wife stating they were a gift?  Even if they were given as a gift in good faith they are lost to the electrician now. They weren't insured or properly housed. Talk about stupid. The art includes "lithographs, portraits, a watercolour and sketches that were created between 1900 and 1932." Read m,ore about it here http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-31985024


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