Personal Digital Archiving Conf.

For the first time, the annual Personal Digital Archiving Conference will be held in NYC on April 24-26. In earlier years sponsored by the Internet Archive and LC's NDIIPP Program, this year it is sponsored by NYU's Library and NYU's Moving Image Archiving & Preservation Program (MIAP), in collaboration with the Coalition for Networked Information (CNI).

With a low registration fee ($90 general, $60 for students), the conference emphasizes a populist tilt on handling the born-digital collections of email, photographs, movies, websites, and documents that come from the collections of individuals or community organizations. The conference is designed to be useful both to the archivist/curator/librarian managing the long-term life of born-digital material, as well as the individual or community organization that wants to manage their content themselves.

The two full days of conference sessions in Greenwich Village will be followed by a day of small-group hands-on workshops with limited enrollment. More information on the conference is available at
   http: //
and registration is at


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