Clinton's email part 2 and 3

Hillary Clinton's email situation is looking worse today. The Associated Press reported that a private account she used for official business was traced to an Internet service registered to her family's home in New York (state), on the day she was confirmed in the US Senate. The private emails allowed her "impressive control over limiting access to her message archives." Thus her email practices are "far more sophisticated" that other would be politicos seeking national office. A couple of phrases there worth discussing. It appears that Clinton intentionally avoided federal disclosure rules about official e-mail by having a home account. It looks like she is elitist and avoiding following existing NARA records laws. This provides ammunition for her naysayers and future political competition. It does not look good for her national political dreams. Let's be real, it is not good in general. A sophisticated system sounds planned and intentional, not a last minute decision or accident. One might argue this is the email of a family with a president and secretary of state in it and they need privacy. On the other hand it does not seem to follow national transparency rules. Was it her staff's fault for not signing her up for a government email account? Did she say no I don't want it? I believe the lawyers were somehow involved her. This will make for interesting posts in the days to come because this is an issue that will not go away. Read more about it here

Part 3 of this is that Hillary asked the State Dept. to release her emails, most of her emails having been sent to people within the State Dept. She says she wants the public to read them. The emails must be reviewed before they can be released, following official declassification review process. There is now a question of did she use official emails for fundraising. Read more about it here


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