Clinton wiped her personal server

Sec. of State Clinton wiped her personal server. This means the stored copies of  both her personal and work emails are gone. She said she turned over all her official government work related emails for transparency, but chose to keep her personal emails for herself. The server was wiped shortly thereafter. The Benghazi investigation committee wanted access to her server to see if there were any emails that would further shed light on the Benghazi attack and deaths. This is going to cause those who believe she's hiding something more sure that she is. She and her staff and lawyers agree that she is completely within the law as it pertains to her records and Pres. Clinton's.

How many people care that much about this issue compared to other issues in the US? I don't know. This is all interesting to me from a historic information management and archival perspective. Were records lost or intentionally wiped? I don't see that there is any way to know for sure. Clinton states that any emails she sent to other government email addresses immediately became part of the government email system and are preserved as such. What other emails would there have been that mattered in the Benghazi investigation? She's savy enough to know what not to document. One thing is clear, from this point forth, nobody is going to just use one piece of machinery for personal and work emails, that's for sure. It is also clear that the interpretation of certain federal records management schedules should be tightened up a bit.

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