Australia's new metadata law

Australia just passed a security law that is controversial in that it requires internet and mobile phone providers to keep customer's data for two years. Noting that the data plays a "central role" in counter-terrorism, the law passed. It does not include content of an email or phone call but does require information on the sender, recipient, and time made be kept. Privacy advocates describe it as "a form of mass surveillance." This law will cover everyone not just known criminals. The bill will cost companies affected an estimated $315 million.  The bill does not include third party systems or social media like Gmail, Hotmail, FB or Skype or internal email and phone networks used by corporate firms and universities. But, that data can be requested through FOIA or court order or by simply looking online. "Australia is part of the "five-eyes" intelligence-sharing network, along with the US, Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom."  Read more about it here


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