malware on Lenovos

Lenovo has just been forced to remove from its latest version laptops hidden adware, Superfish, referred to as"malicious" malware. Existing Lenovo machines were removed from stores to disable Superfish. What about those of us with older Lenovos? It doesn't say what it is going to do about them. We love our Lenovo, but it constantly has popups and I've had it wiped of viruses several times. It seems rather ridiculous.  I hope the company agrees to clean out the malware for good. Read more about it here

As a result of the announcement of their malware, Lenovo has just been hacked by a group called Lizard Squad. The attack is still under investigation. Hackers gained access to the network, then the DNS (Domain Name Servers) which convert web addresses into IP addresses. One of the obvious results is that people going to the site are automatically redirected elsewhere.  Other effects of the attack are still being analyzed. Read more about it here


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