British and American data intelligence

Today the BBC has an article about the UK's main intelligence agency GCHQ being "officially censored" because it did not reveal the extent to which it shared info with the NSA. The GCHQ shared more data than it was legally supposed to and initially denied so doing. Information released more recently led to the censor. The GCHQ was found guilty of violating "Articles 8 or 10 [of the European Convention of Human Rights]." Using Prism, a mass surveillance system in existence since 2007, and Upstream, a method of ""collection of communications on fibre cables and infrastructure as data flows past", the NSA can gather various info formats from a wide variety of companies and services including "Microsoft, Skype, Google, YouTube, Yahoo, and Facebook" without asking the companies for it, implying they do not need to legally request it. Read more about it here


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