US Central Command hacked

Even as Anonymous prepares to take down terrorist social media sites, a group backing ISIS hacked the US Central Command's Twitter and YouTube accounts yesterday. Both accounts temporarily went down. It is calculated move that is very embarrassing. I think the military needs some computer/security people above what those it employs. Some documents have been released,and most, but not all, were  online somewhere else according to the military or were maps lacking detail. Propaganda was posted via Twitter and pro-ISIS videos were posted to the YouTube site after it was hacked. US Centcom believes that a major hack of data did not occur, that this is merely an irritant not a worrisome dilemma. Remember when we were told not to worry about our accounts and personal information when big stores and banks were hacked? Who is really behind it and what did they really accomplish? Is this a first step towards a bigger goal? When will we know the extent of the damage and what measures will be implemented for future security? Read more about it here


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