the hack of Sony and the fallout

Sony got hacked by North Korea, not just the stupid "Interview" movie, but lots of confidential emails, and apparently a future plan of Snapchat, and who knows what else? Now the movie is not being shown because of threats of another 9-11 event in theatres that show the movie. Sony is reeling, everyone associated with it is affected to some extent, as are movie theatres and viewers that see or show Sony movies.  It is clear that it was a sophisticated tech group from NK that hacked into Sony. They had to have Chinese support. It is amazing that such a country as NK could do this and the effective pernicious extent of the hacking. Now that the investigators are sure who was responsible, what is the next step? Will the US push sanctions against China and/or NK? Maybe limit all American movie access to them? I'm sure Sony is thinking, "what we need is a super techy who can send something their way. " Perhaps it is on the way already. If NK (really China) can do this to a major American corporation, you know they could do it for others, they just used  "Interview" as an excuse. Which company or corporation will be next? Read more about it here


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