Sarum archaeologically revealed

Before Salisbury (of cathedral fame) was Salisbury it was Sarum. There was a fort and a town and apparently large defenses dating back to the Iron Age. The Iron Age people, and later, Romans, Normans, and Saxons all lived and fought there.  It was finally abandoned by Henry VIII in 1514. Think of the centuries in which people were there eating, fighting, praying to various gods, living, dying, being born, paying taxes, serving various rulers and nation, daydreaming, having arguments and bad hair days. It boogles the mind, doesn't it? Eventually, Salisbury then became the center of life that Sarum had been. Salisbury is located nearby.  Like recent studies at Stone Henge, archaeologists and Univ. of Salisbury students conducted tests over the summer using ground penetrating radar and other non-invasive technologies to locate and record the remains of dwellings and other buildings,  the inner and outer bailey, and fortifications at Sarum. They didn't have to dig at all. Somewhere the people who drew archaeological sites are being teched out of jobs. Read more about it here


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