US planes collecting thousands of data location info from phone

I'm sure you heard or read about this over the weekend on the news. If you didn't, please read this.  A plane flying over a large population centers, cities and airports, can pick up location info on millions of cell phones. This is great to catch criminals and terrorists, but the data is also collected for millions of innocent people on the ground. Civil libertarians have a big issue with this. I do as well, but I would give up my issues if the terrorists were caught. It is currently allowed due to existing laws against criminals and terrorists.  If this can be done over a population center in the US it can be done over foreign population centers as well.  Maybe the NSA is already doing it elsewhere, who knows? I think the fact that this was reported means it has happened for some time and it was kept quiet until now, probably because someone or some organization threatened to reveal it. Read more about it here


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