Tor hit really hard!

International effort shuts down  400 Tor dark sites, netting drugs and money from criminals.`The US and 16 other countries were involved. 17 were arrested including the founder of Silk Road 2.0, one of the most notorious sites for illegal drug selling/buying. This not only represents a major hit, but a major tech break though for law enforcement in being able to access info on the sites. It is estimated that there are 3 million Tor users, including criminals, terrorists, law enforcement, journalists, and people trying to communicate in totalitarian countries. The layers of encryption, rerouting, and special software, help hide your id and location. Interestingly, it was designed by the US Naval Research Laboratory and is partially funded by the US State Dept. You'd think they'd find a way to keep criminals out, like requiring official passwords or codes or thumbprints or something.  Read more about it here


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