Steichen's photographs of the 1920s-1930s on exhibit

Archivist brings boxes of notable photographer Edward Steichen's prints made for major fashion magazines from the Conde Nast  archives in NY. [CN is a premier media company that creates some of the world's major magazines, mostly fashion.] The article says the photographs haven't seen the light of day in decades since they were created in the 1920s-1930s. I think not, but the title draws you to read the article. I think the archivist looked at them, and probably sleeved them, identified them, and inventoried them, too. The archivist clearly knew where they were located and was able to retrieve them for the journalist. I doubt the archivist appreciates the title of the article. The archivist is not named. I feel for the archivist, don't you?

A lot of the images involve big name female stars of the period wearing designer clothes because this pre-dates major models and the magazines knew they needed someone who looked good and comfortable on/with the camera. There are also some major male writers and politicos featured as well as some of Steichen's more artistic images. Some of the photos are currently exhibited at London's Photographer's Gallery until Jan. 18th. No word as to what will happen with the photographs after the exhibit. Will they be sold, pitched, returned to their archives and recognized for their worth, or what?

Here's a link to the Gallery's exhibit

Read more of the article here

If you want to know more about the fashion magazine industry leader noted above click here


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