St. Francis of Assisi manuscripts to be in Brooklyn exhibit

Yes, the lover of all God's creation, St. Francis, dictated some of these poems and documents, recently conserved, which will visit the US for an exhibit. Really cool. There are illuminated manuscripts and one is written in St. Francis era Italian, considered the first important piece written in vernacular Italian instead of Latin. It took 6 men 5 months to restore the documents. Of prime interest is the "Among the artifacts, the highlight is Manuscript 338, a miscellaneous collection of medieval texts inscribed by at least nine different amanuenses. It contains “Canticle of the Sun,” a praise and thank you to the Lord for such creations as “Brother Fire” and “Sister Water.”"  While St. Francis did not write it, he definitely dictated it. It is his poem.  Read more about  the documents, the conservation of the documents, and the exhibit here.


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