FB makes Tor access easier

Facebook has just made it easier for users to connect to Tor, which allows users to access websites, publish sites, and communicate, without being tracked.  You could do it before with difficulty. Real-name credentials and a log-in will still be required, so it will still not be completely anonymous. The crucial change here is that all communication will be in Tor, not in the open internet, linking a user to Tor use. Will this change be popular with the rulers of certain nations and international law enforcement? Probably not. Might it be popular with those advocating change in controlled nations or criminals? Yes. FB's goal is to protect users from others spying on their communications.This could be police or government officials. I wonder, really, where is this going? Bravo if North Koreans can use Tor, but criminals will as well.  You know the NSA is going to be ticked about it. FB also wants to "be more transparent over government requests it receives"  meaning it wants users to know that the government is after them, how often, when, what type of info they are after. Again, I"m routing for the NKs trying to be free, but not the criminals. This, too, should be interesting to watch as it develops. Can the government force FB to not disclose warrants for info under security or terrorism  laws? Read more about it here http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-29879851


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