Bern Art Museum to accept Gurlitt art

Switzerland's Bern Art Museum has agreed to accept Gurlitt's art, which he mostly inherited from his dad who got it as stolen art from Jews from the Nazis. The museum has agreed to work with authorities and descendants of those with claims to the art. The laws work in the favor of the museum. It is difficult to prove your claims. It will be interesting to see how this works out. Several families have very strong claims, others weaker due to lack of paper evidence and time. Some of the art has been "lost" for decades, even since WWII. The museum has stated that contested art will never enter the museum. It is all being kept in an unidentified place. Much of the art has suffered at least some damage as it was kept in less than stellar conditions. This will be a legal nightmare for the museum, and has certainly been a legal nightmare for decades for the families involved.  Read more about it here


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