Fun tintypes and letter

Al G. Tennant matriculated from Central Michigan University (CMU) College of Education, 1951, was a candidate for an A.B., 1953, lived in Robinson and Barnes halls, 1954, was a member of the CMU ROTC, 1954-1955, was promoted to first lieutenant in 1953 and second lieutenant in 1955, one of the first 13 commissioned officers at CMU, and was a member of Alpha Beta Sigma, 1954-1955. Al later taught as a Special Education teacher in Fremont (Mich.). In 2013 Al lived in Holland (Mich.).

Al is also a Clarke Historical Library donor. He has given us information about Michigan oil company families and two folders of materials about his life and activities at CMU and his family. A recent addition to his personal materials included some interesting family tintypes.

Among the usual wedding couple and individual portraits, is a sequence of tintypes of boys. These portraits are probably all of the same boy as he ages. If it is not the same boy, it must be images of brothers.
left to right: baby, toddler with cheeks tinted pink, boy, preteen

Another interesting tintype is of a man who looks as though he is in a sleigh. It is a fake sleigh, like a fake backdrop, except it is in front of him, not behind. It has a fake horse's leg and tail in front of the sleigh and a small dog running along side the sleigh. You can imagine the yipping.  The man is probably sitting behind this fake sleigh on a chair holding a whip and reins. I think the fur blanket is also real and adds depth to the image as it spills the sleigh. It is rather amusing. I have never seen an image quite like it although I've seen lots of fake pillars and backdrops added to portraits. Perhaps he meant it as a Christmas or New Year's gift for a special lady in his life?

Another fun item is a letter Tennant received from the Supervisor of Housing while living in CMU Barnes Hall for consistently maintaining a neat room. Does this happen in modern academia? I think not.


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