CMU. Athletics: An inventorying project

Last week my student Mark and I went to a room far below the SAC and inventoried for 2.5 hours nearly 200 cubic feet of the CMU Athletic Communications collection. There are 21 series,  including sports publications, files, photos, score books, statistics, files on past sports, athletes, staff and coaches, Hall of Fame and other award materials, cassettes, photo albums, VHS tapes, drawings, and other materials. Materials date from at least the 1930s to present.  There are a lot of 3-dimensional items  that will hopefully end up in the museum including trophies, jerseys, sweaters, jackets, helmets, and other items. It was quite an experience.  Once we get sufficient space cleared this week in the Clarke stacks we will begin a process of periodically bringing some of the archival informational materials to the Clarke for processing and digitizing. I really respect whoever set up the filing system and those who maintained it. Here are some photos, which do not quite do the situation justice.


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