stolen nude shots from cloud prompt changes

An online storage company, 4Chan, has announced changes its policies and protocols to comply with more stringent US laws (Digitial Millennium Copyright Act -DMCA) to allow those whose data is stolen to get it "taken down" from online sites where it is illegally shared. Prior to this 4Chan ignored copyright laws, but usually got around it because materials was posted for a maximum of a few hours. This is a result of the recent, targeted theft of nude shots from a number of  stars. The stolen videos and images first surfaced after being stolen on 4Chan.  The company has also moved against child abuse images on its site. It now has staff specifically employed to remove such information, repeat offenders will have their access to the site terminated. Still if you have a nude pic what is to prevent you from storing it and sharing it on other sites, now or in the future? I don't see that there is any way to completely erase all the images that have been stolen or control all the routes where they travel.  There are calls for a national policy dealing with private/personal information. Currently there are some states that have laws and some that don't but if you take someone's data and they are in one state and you in another, there is a big question as to which law applies. We'll have to see if Congress can work together to enact a national law. Read more about it here

Update: Apple says its security was not breached, but those of individual users/customers was, so it will increase its icloud security measures. There's more to come on that....Read about it here 


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