This is too interesting to post later...Apple's Mac operating systems have a flaw in their software known as Bash. This is part of the Linux systems. Many servers run on the Apache system which includes Bash. There is a "deadly bug" called Shellshock which is worse than Heartbleed. Heartbleed infected an estimated 500,000 computers internationally, but Shellshock may infect 500 million computers. Bash (which stands for Bourne Again Shell) is a command prompt. Did you know there is a US Computer Emergency Readiness Team (referred to as US-Cert)? Well there is. It issued a warning about Shellshock recommending IT people use a patch, but the patch is incomplete. Shellshock has higher potential than Heartbleed to do terrible damage, but the bug itself is not very complex which allows hackers to easily use it. Shellshock allows for someone to "potentially take over the operating system, access confidential info, make changes, etc." Security experts believe hackers are using it. Read more about it here  If you want to learn more about US-Cert click here


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