rainbow and Home Depot

Two things:
1) there was a rainbow over the Park this morning in the middle of a sky that had recently rained. Anybody else see it at 7:10 am Thrs?

2) Home Depot joined an ever longer growing list of companies, banks, and government units which have now admitted there was a massive hack of its systems. Thousands of credit cards went on sale illegally Tues from info and accounts gathered in the HD attack. HD now believes that the hackers have been hacking since May. That's 4 complete months of undetected hacking. The company is working with police and banks. There are some also basic steps about what to do if you had an account with a company that has been hacked. Read more about it here http://money.cnn.com/2014/09/02/technology/security/home-depot-hacked/index.html?hpt=te_t1


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