what can and can't be put on headstones

There is a debate in the UK now about what can and can't go on headstones. The vicars apparently can decide pretty much on their own, for their immediate church's graveyard, what is acceptable or not. One vicar objected to Xs on a stone representing kisses. Seriously, he objected to kisses. I think there are a lot more questionable things he could be concerned about. Is this infringing on someone right to express themselves? I hope the family had not already paid for the stone. But, it is a religious cemetery under the control of the vicar, so he's the boss.  Some graveyards have some rules mostly covering objects, not so much about inscriptions. I think they should be glad the question is only about the inscription. Where I grew up everyone was buried in one cemetery regardless of their beliefs or lack thereof. There they lie, protestant, catholics, and agnostics all in the ground together. The clergy pray over the coffin and into the ground you go. No biggie. None of them are protesting. I like that idea- it seems more democratic. Anyway, to read more about it click here http://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-magazine-monitor-28741874


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