Jen and Tressa

Also, now that it is the end of summer, my intrepid, film-loving student, Tressa Graves just left for Alaska. Together, in the last year, we began an ambitious and badly needed project with the goal of preserving and properly housing and providing better access to the Clarke's historic films. Tressa has done all the labor, testing the film for damage, viewing it, describing it, rehousing it, and then we relabel and I add to the catalog records and finding aids. I have blogged about Tressa before. She has  given several presentations about historic film preservation in Michigan. A year ago she spent a summer working on films at the University of Alaska-Fairbanks. She spent part of this summer working with MSU's collections. Now Tressa is off to study again at the University of Alaska-Fairbanks, studying towards a M.A. in anthropology and work with more film in Alaska. I will miss her terribly. She has trained Jen Bentley to take her place working with the films. Jen will volunteer this fall term and, hopefully, be able to work for me in spring. She is pursuing a MA in Humanities.

Here are Jen and Tressa training in the processing room 

All of my students have also taken my class, Archives Administration, HST 580. If you want to know about the class, or volunteering, interning, or working in the archives contact me at


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