IS left Twitter for US-based Diaspora

A "clampdown" on Islamic State (IS) communications on Twitter sent IS to its new communication option, Diaspora, which is based in the US. IS also has accounts on Friendica and Quitter. The three new systems are more private than Twitter.  Diaspora is decentralized and users set up their own "communities" on pods. IS stategically chose a very active pod in the US. Also IS has thousands of Twitter supporters who can send their own messages. They aren't stupid. I hope the international units working to stop IS anticipated this and are already planning to control their communication. Read more about it here

In another interesting post this morning Diaspora team members admitted they cannot stop the IS communications on Diaspora because it does not have centralized control. Diaspora probably wants to stop IS using it site, and has likely been encouraged to do so by authorities. In an attempt to control IS, Diaspora is contacting what it calls podadmins and telling them of legal complications of hosting IS info.  Read more about it here


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