Good job, well done!

The end of summer approaches. Some recent tour groups of students and parents got soaked in the rain outside. I'm gone for a few days so will post this for your reading enjoyment.

Inside the processing room my two faithful summer processors, Mark Prindiville, and Sandra Standish, have been busy processing the CMU. Alumni records of various events and budget files. These files require a lot of removing of duplicates, publications, and mostly financial miscellaneous that should have been kept 2-7 years at the most. Since the records go back to the 1980s, there is lot to remove. Occasionally we find a publication that is not a duplicate and add it to the collection, notably information on reunion gatherings. Mark has been able to work as a paid student. Sandra has been volunteering twice a week and is finished for the summer. They have both done a wonderful job!

Here is Mark in front of Sandra's neatly organized boxes. She is too shy to appear here.

To date, working since June 16th they have processed about 6 cubic feet, which will be retained, and withdrawn (WD) 71 cubic feet of duplicates, publications, and miscellaneous financials. This is more than I could have accomplished on my own. There is still more to do in this collection which originally totaled about 80 cubic feet. I gave them directions before they began and am here to answer any questions that arise.

Some of the WD material

If you are interested in volunteering or interning or working at the Clarke with manuscripts contact me at


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