Foley's death begins a discussion of what to share or not and why via social media

Last night I was one of many who got a shared notice on social media about James Foley, the American journalist whose recent beheading by IS is documented on video. The notice from his family was that we should not view  the graphic images or video of his beheading. Other voices opine that we should witness the story he was trying to share of the suffering of people living in the hell of dictators and terror. It is an interesting discussion. I can see both points, but I have chosen not to view the graphic images. It is awful enough for me to think of his suffering and that of his family and others suffering under IS and similar groups.  I think good thoughts for his family and friends and the other journalists and hostages. What will their fate be? Apparently, special ops tried in vain to rescue Foley and others. Foley's beheading has ramped up other discussions in the US about IS being our biggest challenge since Sept. 11th. The reality is that until IS and other Islamic extremist terrorists are exterminated they will remain a threat in the world to the US and others; dealing with these terrorists will be a permanent part of US policy. His beheading and what it means, a direct insult to American power and democracy, will be answered by an American response. It is just a matter of time...  Read more about the discussion here


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