Operations Coordinator, Library job

Operations Coordinator, Library
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New York, NY
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Job duties:
  • Operation of proprietary database applications for cataloging and circulation of company assets.
  • Processing, organization and distribution of library requests submitted through online database.
  • The organization, processing and shelving of library material returns.
  • Processing and receiving daily shipments and inter-library transfers.
  • Preparing weekly inter-library transfers and off-site storage shipments.
  • Receive, catalog and data-enter archive submissions into the library database (ALIAS).
  • Assist in the coordination, categorization and logistical placement of new archive submissions.
  • Provide reference and research assistance for user community.
  • Develop and provide historical reference for library holdings.
  • Project-based inventory management and maintenance of library archives.
  • Provide support/coverage to other positions as needed for holidays, vacation or sick leave.

Basic qualifications:
Working knowledge of Microsoft Office (Outlook, Excel and Word)
Additional preferred qualifications:
  • Excellent computer skills, ALIAS and PTS preferred.
  • Excellent analytical skills, show good judgment and be detail oriented.
  • Excellent interpersonal, follow-through and communication skills (both verbal & written).
  • Bachelor’s degree preferred-with an emphasis in Communications or Library Services.
  • Familiarity with Viacom Media Networks programming is desired.
  • Familiarity with digital library operations (i.e. ingest, standards convert, segmenting).

Sarah Nix 
Director, Library Operations & Archive Management
Office (212) 258-8270
Fax (212) 846-1973
Email: sarah.nix@viacom.com



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