NSA and Tor

The NSA is sooo interesting to follow. I always wonder, what will they be reported as doing this week and how will it affect information and civil rights?  Today the news reports that NSA is targeting two Tor servers in Germany. Tor is an encrypted site you can join to conduct business or communicate anonymously to avoid detection. This is a fav place for criminals and those seeking to avoid detection for various, perhaps not so nefarious, secret communications reasons. Even though the data is encrypted, and data is bounced about to avoid detection, NSA has found a way around those roadblocks. NSA tapped into traffic from two Germany directory servers that Tor uses to get the IP addresses of people who visit or install Tor. The addresses went to a system called XKeyscore which analyses and uses the  data to build profiles ad habits of the people with those IP addresses. NSA can then mark and follow the IP addresses of the people involved. You have to give NSA credit here for its creativity  here. When will all the arrests begin, I wonder? Again, we know this because of reviews of NSA because of Snowden. Snowden's actions have resulted in some interesting revelations that are blog-worthy. Read more about it here http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-28162273


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