FB forced to hand over info

Facebook fought against the largest government request it has so far received for info on nearly 400 people involved in "fradulent claims of US federal disability benefits". FB info showed these people were healthy, not disabled.   After being ordered to comply, FB went to appeals, which it lost. FB is protesting that this action is against the Fourth Amendment "unreasonable searches and seizures".  Even so called "private messages" and photos were requested. FB can't tell its users whose info was turned over to the feds due to a gag order. Now that was smart thinking by the gov. FB notes that of 381 people whose info FB was required to surrender, only 62 were actually charged. I think if there are over 1,000 people involved in this type of fraud, as the government says, there should be action taken against them. I do not see the benefit to any of us protecting them. If they had images in their homes or were walking around town and were seen or heard as being in good health, they would also be charged. Probably some of these people turned into witnesses to protect themselves, and for some involved the proof against them was insufficient for court. Isn't this always the case? Is this really an invasion of privacy when they are so clearly involved in criminal activity? Is it not a way to deter criminals and such crimes? Again, this should serve as a warning to those who think their info is and will stay private forever. What a joke that concept is. To read more about it click here http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-28055909?print=true


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