UK intelligence statement on when it can intercept online communications / Starbucks update

The UK intelligence service GCHQ  just stated that its interpretation of the law dealing with interception of online communications allows it to access what it calls "external communication" without specific warrants. "External communication" is a [British] person's Google search or  Facebook post because this info is actually sent overseas. If you are communicating directly to another person, GCHQ needs a specific warrant based on fear of illegal activity to access your direct communications. So this leaves a lot of info open for direct access by UK intelligence. This statement is in response to a legal challenge brought by a number of civil liberty organizations include the ACLU, reacting to Snowden's statement about UK digital surveillance. This has very interesting ramifications for everyone British who does Google searches or posts on FB. I'm sure that if you are not British but are the other half of the communication you will be reviewed as well. It will be interesting if other nations admit what they are accessing.  It will also be interesting to see if there are further legal challenges brought against this interpretation. Read more about it here

Now a complete story on Starbucks from the nightly news because I do not see it in the online news. Starbucks will reimburse its 20hour/week employees their college tuition AFTER they complete their degree not before. This is what a lot of other companies do. That way they make sure you actually complete the work. I guess that will cut the number of people applying to work at Starbucks, but it is still good that Starbucks is encouraging its staff to get a degree to help them compete in the world's economy and expand their knowledge and skills.


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