UK computer users warned against major cyber attack in 2 weeks

As a result of the US and NSA seizing control of  a major criminal network botnet, Gameover Zeus, very recently, the national UK National Crime Ag3ency (NCA) is warning all UK computer users to protect themselves against malicious malware. The malware is related to Gameover Zeus which goes by other names, GOZeus and P2PZeus. Once installed it searches for  financial info. It installs Cryptolocker that locks your computer so you can't access until you pay a fee. The US/NSA raid took control of botnet via machines that control its operation, called Command and Control (C&C). This made criminals unable to manage computers they hijacked, but it probably won't be long (less than 2 weeks?) until they set up new C&C servers.  To read more about it click here  Numbers are not mentioned here, but other reports cite that potentially millions of networks worldwide are infected. That is pretty sobering. Imagine the impact and the potential financial malfeasance. No wonder there is a national effort involved against it.


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