Starbucks to pay for workers' BA degrees

Good for Starbucks.  Starbucks will support its workers who work 20 hrs a week or more to pursue a BA from Arizona State University (ASU).  The plan is called the "Starbucks College Achievement Plan. Starbucks staff who are successfully enrolled will receive partial tuition for the first two years, and full tuition for their final two years.The annual fee for online courses at the university can exceed $10,000." After earning their degree they do not have to continue at Starbucks.
Arizona State University (ASU) offers about 40 programmes including business, engineering, education and retail management. Starbucks says many students go into terrible debt and can't finish college so they decided to do this. Good reason, good PR, good for students. I bet the number of their applicants is going to go skyward. I wonder how many of their employees work 20 hr weeks.  Read more about it here


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