Interesting online abuse stats for UK include kids

"Almost 2,000 UK children have been investigated for social media abuse, offensive Twitter messages and online bullying since 2011," according to a report requested through the Freedom of Information Act in Britain for Sky News. Of these "1,200 were either charged with an offense, given a caution or fined." Four of the kids were age 10 and one was age 9. In the same time period, since 2011, 20,000 adults were similarly investigated. Of the adults, 11,292 were  charged, fined, or cautioned. This data comes from 34 police units. 18 did not provide data. Why? I'm sure the stats are somewhere. Hertfordshire Police  had the largest reported increase in social media abuse investigations going from 291 in 2011 to 1,042 in 2014.  I wonder how this compares statistically to the US? I'll have to do some digging. Read more about it here


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