CM athletics archives found: the archivist rejoices!

Talk about an archival motherload! Today I was shown for the first time over 300 cubic ft. of the CMU Director of Athletic Communications archives in file cabinets, boxes, and piles,  including press releases, stats, publications, programs, sports cards, box scores, student athlete files, files on sports no longer played, award files, plaques, photos, negatives, galley proofs, footballs, football helmets, trophies, uniforms, and a surf board from a Maui invitational. (The 3-d  material is going to be exhibited in a restaurant. I really love the surfboard!) I was entrusted to bring to the Clarke the #1 most important coach award, Coach of the Year, 1974,  awarded to Roy Kramer. Here it is.
My mind is blown. We did not know it existed. We had some of the publications, but an incomplete run, some mostly unidentified images, and one small collection of materials from someone's office pre-1980. The staff over the years have accumulated and cared for this vast collection.

We will hopefully be able to work out a plan (my plan) to inventory and organize a large deposit to the Clarke for processing, leaving files they currently access, add it to the records schedule for annual deposits to the Clarke, including digital materials. We hope to digitize an important football championship game movie film they have, as well as some images, which will likely go up on CONDOR, CMU's digital repository.

I'm so excited! Everything is coming together to make this happen. The room periodically floods, which concerns all of us who understand the importance of the collection. The only bad news is it is two stories down and there is no elevator. It looks like I'm going to get really buff really soon. We may actually fill the Clarke's available storage space. Maybe we will need more storage space across the hall. I'm so excited to move into a really positive, ongoing relationship with Athletics and make sure these materials are protected and made accessible into the future. What a day....


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