baby cuteness in the archives

We have a collection of two WWII era CMU alums Ardith and Chuck Westie, who also taught at CMU, which is providing a lot of great info about CMU, what World War II college life was like, friendship then as well as in later years, and the impact the Westies had on CMU and Mt. Pleasant. The collection is coming in periodically in batches. Currently it totals approximately 6 cubic feet.

 In the collection are numerous personal correspondence between friends, mostly between lady friends who were former classmates and roommates of Ardith's. They married and had children and had lives well lived. In the letters of several ladies to Ardith Westie are announcements about their  children. They are too cute. I got all mushy at work. I couldn't help myself. These are timeless.  Enjoy.
Christmas card/birth announcement for James, 1947. Personal correspondence from Lucy Booth Bradley (Mrs. Ken Bradley).

Heather (talk about smart use of blocks!) with cute zebra pal, Christmas card, 1948. Personal correspondence from Lucy Booth Bradley (Mrs. Ken Bradley).

A moving card. Going into the hospital (front of card, part 1 of 3)

Going through the hospital (when you open the card the inside part moves, part 2 of 3)
. Coming out of hospital with new baby (completely open, part 3 of 3). Birth announcement for Wendy Louise, 1950. Personal correspondence from Gladyce Ellis (Mrs. Ed Ellis).


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