archivist jobs in California

The California State Archives is preparing to establish lists of candidates to fill two open positions, an Archivist I and a Staff Services Manager II (Deputy State Archivist).

For the Archivist I, the announcement of the examination can be found at  It is an open exam so individuals are not required to be a current state employee to take the exam. The Archivist I exam has a final filing date of July 14, 2014.

For the Staff Services Manager II (Deputy State Archivist), the exam is an online, open exam available 24/7. Individuals are not required to be a current state employee to be eligible to take the exam. The exam specifications are available through the California Department of Human Resources at . Individuals interested in a manager/supervisor position should also take the Staff Services Manager I exam which is accessible at It is also an open exam available 24/7. Staff Services Manager exams have no final filing date, but are continuously available online.

Announcement of the specific positions will be issued shortly. Only those individuals who have successfully completed the appropriate civil service examination and are reachable on the list of candidates will be eligible to apply to be considered for a position.

Nancy Zimmelman Lenoil
State Archivist &
Chief, Archives Division
Office of the Secretary of State
California State Archives
1020 O Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 653-0401


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