3-d items found in CMU. Alumni records

Fun 3-d items for your viewing pleasure with light commentary. Most of these will be transferred to the CMU Museum as 3-d items are not our collecting focus. These came in 81 cu.ft. of CMU. Alumni records detailing events and operations since at least the 1980s.

CMU Marching Chips LP. We already have 1 copy as well as a lot of other CMU recorded music, not just of the Chips, of various types and formats.
Here's a smaller record of the Chips with basic football game music. This is a new item for the Clarke. Does anyone remember those yellow things you had to put in the neck holes of records this size to keep them on the turntable?
1994 Las Vegas Bowl MAC champs signed cap. It says MAC champs on the back of the hat. Does anyone recognize the signature?
Mini ceramic Warriner Hall. No ruler handy, so I used a Sharpie for comparative sizing. This is purely a decorative piece.
Centennial Award note 1992-3 on back of mini Warriner Hall


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