Stealth-like Iranian hackers spied on a some important people worldwide for four years

Using a very carefully orchestrated approach through 2,000 friends, relatives and co-workers, Iranian hackers linked through various social media sites [Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, YouTube and Blogger] to 200 key "US Navy admirals, politicians, ambassadors, and lobbyists" as well as leaders in the government and military in the UK, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan by using 14 fake identifies of people who supposed worked for at a "fake news agency, ... [were] defense workers, an accountant, and a naval IT administrator." Clearly, nobody ever checked to be sure who they were or what they were doing. The spying occurred over a four-year period.  iSight Partners, a computer security firm reported the spying is "the most elaborate net-based spying campaign using social media it had ever seen." It was also a very successful spying endeavor and was "quiet" enough to avoid detection. Facebook independently spotted it, although the report does not say when this occurred. I wonder what exactly did they learn that helped Iran? To read more about it click here


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