Chinese government accuses US of spying and moves to control IM

Chinese news of interest.

First, China accused the US of spying. Of course the US is spying, just like China and all the other nations of the world with the ability to do so are spying. They have always spied on each other, some more successfully than others. None of the nations are going to admit to or stop spying. It's part of maintaining internal control of their nation and maintaining a power stance with other nations. This latest accusation is China's response to the US finding 5 members of the Chinese military guilty of spying. It would have been more effective if China stopped all trade with the US for a year. Where would we get all our stuff? To read more about it click here

Because the Chinese government cracked down on social media as a means to communicate around censors, people there moved to instant messaging. The Chinese government is now moving to control that as well. This prevents discussions of topics, sharing of opinions, and sharing of information that the government doesn't want= censorship and control. Talk about internal spying. Read more about it here


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