Central Michigan University. Residence Halls Assembly scrapbooks: fun eye candy for the long weekend

Recently the President of CMU. RHA (Central Michigan University. Residence Halls Assembly) donated some of the organization's records, mostly consisting of scrapbooks. I am going to encourage them to keep more minutes if possible, but they have documented themselves well in scrapbooks. The RHA is the governing body of all residence halls and functions to encourage communication, shared governance, and keep residents happy to be in the halls and with other residents.

They have some beautiful examples of creative and well identified scrapbooks. Here are some fun examples of the more creative covers:
My fav-made of comfy cozy car jammy materials-cotton flannel, 1995-96

sparkles anyone? 1999-2000

lovely 2006-7

1996-7 scrapbook-very tie dye

Here's their reason why, very archival-Linking the past and the present.


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