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Stealth-like Iranian hackers spied on a some important people worldwide for four years

Using a very carefully orchestrated approach through 2,000 friends, relatives and co-workers, Iranian hackers linked through various social media sites [Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, YouTube and Blogger] to 200 key "US Navy admirals, politicians, ambassadors, and lobbyists" as well as leaders in the government and military in the UK, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan by using 14 fake identifies of people who supposed worked for at a "fake news agency, ... [were] defense workers, an accountant, and a naval IT administrator." Clearly, nobody ever checked to be sure who they were or what they were doing. The spying occurred over a four-year period.  iSight Partners, a computer security firm reported the spying is "the most elaborate net-based spying campaign using social media it had ever seen." It was also a very successful spying endeavor and was "quiet" enough to avoid detection. Facebook independently spotted it, although the re…

Chinese government accuses US of spying and moves to control IM

Chinese news of interest.

First, China accused the US of spying. Of course the US is spying, just like China and all the other nations of the world with the ability to do so are spying. They have always spied on each other, some more successfully than others. None of the nations are going to admit to or stop spying. It's part of maintaining internal control of their nation and maintaining a power stance with other nations. This latest accusation is China's response to the US finding 5 members of the Chinese military guilty of spying. It would have been more effective if China stopped all trade with the US for a year. Where would we get all our stuff? To read more about it click here

Because the Chinese government cracked down on social media as a means to communicate around censors, people there moved to instant messaging. The Chinese government is now moving to control that as well. This prevents discussions of topics, sharing…

FBI undergoing some change that isn't going to be easy.

First news bit: The FBI needs to hire people capable of fighting hackers. According to the FBI, some of these potential new hires are smoking weed on the way to the interview. Are they stereotyping? Or did someone come in for an interview high on weed? See the third bit below. Is that all the drugs they are doing? The FBI says they may hire them anyway. This is an interesting admission from a very controlling institution that something has to give to combat the cyber criminals of the world. Can you imagine how the old guard FBI is going to deal with this change in attitude and hiring practices? To read more click here

2nd news bit:  US federal law enforcement agencies have been ordered for the first time to record interviews with suspects. Previously this was forbidden. The policy change occurs in July and covers the FBI, DEA, ATF, and US Marshals service. Audio or video recordings are "strongly encouraged" according to the Deputy …

Central Michigan University. Residence Halls Assembly scrapbooks: fun eye candy for the long weekend

Recently the President of CMU. RHA (Central Michigan University. Residence Halls Assembly) donated some of the organization's records, mostly consisting of scrapbooks. I am going to encourage them to keep more minutes if possible, but they have documented themselves well in scrapbooks. The RHA is the governing body of all residence halls and functions to encourage communication, shared governance, and keep residents happy to be in the halls and with other residents.

They have some beautiful examples of creative and well identified scrapbooks. Here are some fun examples of the more creative covers:


eBay customers suffered serious id theft

145 million eBay customers had their names, email addresses, home addresses, phone numbers and dates of birth stolen recently. The only data thieves did not get was a customer's mother's maiden name. However, that is sufficient info for hackers or thieves to be able to impersonate someone financially. Some people here and abroad think eBay was a bit slow in contacting customers and taking evasive action. Investigations are happening in Connecticut, Florida and Illinois.  The ICO of Europe also wants to investigate but are delayed due to equipment and software. (This info does not increase my confidence in the ICO.)  ICO is also questioning why eBays stores so much info for so long. To read more about it click here

Richard III court battle lost by family

Richard III will be reburied in Leicester Cathedral. The family protesting he should be buried in York lost their court bid. Leicester will benefit from all the Richard III fan/foe visits. Will the Queen attend the funeral? Will it be Catholic? (he was) Read more about it in my past blogs or here

digital archivist position available at Rockefeller Archive Center

3 mo. Digitial archivist position at Hague


"Right to be forgotten" online: interesting points to consider and possible impact

"The Court of Justice of the European Union set a legal precedent on 13 May when it ruled that a user has the right to have links to web pages about him removed from Google's results because the passage of time made them 'irrelevant.'" What does this mean???? If you commit a crime, or there are negative links about you found later to be untrue, or you think it's an invasion of your privacy, you can petition for them to be removed so nobody knows about them, or, in other words, you can petition for censorship. Not all of the requests will be allowed. The links would be removed by a search firm, such as Google.  Google thinks that it would be hard to do and they want to consider the implications. The UK's data privacy watchdog, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) thinks they might have to force the search firms to remove the links if the search company couldn't or wouldn't do it. Wikipedia thinks it amounts to widespread internet censors…

importance of authors' notebooks

In a seeming departure from all that is cyber news, and yet is not, because it is prompted by the National Library of the UK digitizing numerous materials of major authors, here is an interesting column about the continuing importance of ever evolving notebooks used by authors to gather ideas, notes, and inspiration. There are some fun images and notations. The written word is not dead, nor is the use of paper, for some. But, the important bit is that there are always notes that will be taken and kept in whatever format that serve to inspire and remind. And some of these notes, in whatever format, will end up in archives for archivists to process, catalog, house, keep safe, and provide access to for researchers. To read more click here

cyber crime news all over the place

A jury in Penn. found 3 members of the Chinese military guilty of hacking into US companies, including United Steel Workers Union, Westinghouse, and Alcoa, Allegheny Technologies, and SolarWorld. among others, stealing trade secrets valuable to China and other sensitive information. The "victimized U.S. companies to lose capital investments in research and technology." In other words, all the hacking helped China get ahead of the US in technology, trade, and therefore accumulate money, trade, knowledge and other assets. China protests it is innocent. The US says it is part of a large, ongoing effort, which it appears to be. See my past blogs. Will this make China stop? I doubt it. They'll probably go stealth mode after diplomatic and perhaps financial and business protests. These 3 members of the military are the fall guys for the Chinese. It's clearly more of an effort than just what they did. They had the backing of the government to do what they did. Apparently, a…

Blackshades arrests

An international sting in process for several years resulted in the  arrest of about 100 people in several countries connected to Blackshades a malicious software used favored by hackers for criminal activities such as fraud and extortion. The software costs $40. To read more about it click here

Additional info tells us that  more than 90 people were arrested and that once the arrests began those involved notified others a sting was happening. In the case of Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf  left her computer open all the time in her room and was watched for over a year by the man arrested, who was a friend of hers. He began blackmailing her through the computer to do what amounted to porn for him. Read more about it here

Here's an update "from inside the FBI" that says people were nabbed in 17 countries.  http://mone…

British royal archives to be opened to the public

The British royal archives is being made available to the public for viewing to mark the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the royal archives' permanent home in the Round Tower in 1914, during the reign of George V. Click here to see some wonderful examples through the ages of people, places and events that we all should recognize (back to 1551) of the British royal archives