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Google outraged that NSA hacked into Google

Well, big surprise. NSA had access to Google but chose to hack it as well so nothing was a secret, nothing was truly protected. What is Google, or any other online services realistically going to do to combat hacking? Not much. The NSA must have some really smart hackers that Google didn't detect the hacking. I am interested in how long they were hacked, what was hacked, and why. I'm guessing they hacked info about a large group of people, not a narrow group. Still nothing has been said nationally that NSA will narrow its scope from millions to criminals and those with links to terrorists or terrorist-like activities. They do not need to monitor millions of us. On the good side, at least NSA hired some tech savy people. I'm impressed by this and their overall devious sneakiness. To read more about it click here

Chinese journalist, supported by his paper, afterwards publicly admits he was wrong

In an update to recent events in China, a newspaper reporter who was imprisoned awaiting charges for three weeks, had the public support of his local paper. Read about it here The newspaper printed a front page plea for him. This is unprecedented in China, asking authorities to release him. Right afterwards, he admitted on public tv in China that he was wrong. See article here He researched and wrote an article about  a government connected company which he wrote had "financial irregularities." How many of us are thinking government cover up here? Clearly, this is a very strong message to journalists and newspapers- tow the line or else. Now the plan is to "re-educate" all journalists. I wonder if any will have the courage to continue to speak out against the government?

US spies on everyone and they on us

Snowden's stolen information continues to cause international outrage as international leaders are forced to confront public knowledge that they (big, important people who think they and their actions are beyond being spied upon) were spied upon by the US. What a diplomatic mess. France and Germany are both outraged, or acting outraged, as are other nations, no doubt. They ask why spy on your friends? Well they are spying on us, we all spy on each other. Honestly, this is a surprise? They all know that their spy master networks are spying on each other and others.

Here's an article on French outrage
and Spanish outrage
and German outrage

Now where is the outrage from England, Canada, Mexico, and Israel, our other major international colleagues? Of course trust is a good thing internationally to fight terrorists, but they've all be…

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chinese journalists to be re-trained

The Chinese government is not satisfied with having more than 3 million people watching other people on the Internet and tracking what they type and read and who they do it with. Nor are they content to let African news media alone. Now they are going to retrain and reeducate their own journalists. There will be a test next year. If you fail to pass, you can no longer work as a journalist. This way if you try to read or write things you shouldn't they can say, but you knew better... I feel sorry for those journalists. I wonder how many will end up in prison. To read more about it click here

suing for ownership of document

Harry Belafonte, we all know of the great actor and activist, is suing Rev. Dr. MLK, Jr's family over ownership of documents. The family has tried, in vain, repeatedly to get control over documents the family or R.D. MLK, Jr. himself gave to family and friends over the years. Belafonte was a very close family friend and now the friendship appears to be at end. The documents detail the friendship between HB and R.D. MLK, Jr. How sad. They should have used a donor form. To read more about it click here

rare letter given to Victoria State Library, Australia

Criminal Ned Kelly who wore armor made of parts of plows in his final shoot out with police in Australia became a folk hero there. A letter by an eye witness of the event has been donated to Victoria State Library, Australia. It describes the physical presence and armor, made from plow parts, Kelly wore in his last shoot out with police, and the horror of the event. Here is a vivid primary source. Read about it here

malware developer arrested

A man who developed 2 major  malware products that was sold to criminals to exploit others' computer programs has been arrested. A large drop in the use of these systems has been noted. They were easy to use and very popular. To read more about it click here

18th c. haggadah found in garage sale

Lovely, handwritten and drawn Jewish festival book on goat skins from approx. 1742, smuggled out of Europe during WWII, was found for sale in a garage sale in England. It will now go to auction and is expected to bring a very high price. To read more about it click here While we do not have any of these lovely prayer books in our collections, we have other prayer books and histories of Jewish families and organizations  in Michigan.

lantern slides of Belfast men of WWI

A box of lantern slides was found in a church organ loft. The slides are of men from the town. who at the time, were serving in WWI. It is clear from the images that at least some of them were under the enlistment age of 17. During the Great War, the images were taken and sent home so their families and neighbors could see them.  The slides have been put on a website and thousands are viewing them, trying to identify the soldiers. About 20 soldiers have been identified so far. An exhibit of the slides will occur soon. To read more about it click here

Dino tail found

A backhoe digging for an oil pipeline in Alberta, Canada, discovered a large, very fragile dinosaur tail. The question now is, is the rest of the dinosaur in the ground next to it? Digging has stopped for the pipeline while archaeologists investigate. What will they find?  To read more about it click here

security concerns in our techie age - forever more

Adobe announced on Thrs Oct. 3rd that personal info, including credit card info, for about 3 million of its users was hacked. What a mess! No system is safe and yet we continue to use them. To read more about the Adobe mess click here. 

Banned books week

Here's a list of banned books.
Of them I've read 2, Kite Runner and Beloved. Of course, there are many more.

Here's ALA's website with classic banned books (I've read a lot of these)

Why are books banned? Because someone thinks they are no good and that they know what is best for EVERYONE and then tries really, really hard to control everyone. Celebrate freedom of the press and the write to read what you want, no matter if it is poorly written, improperly cited, or does not contribute to generalizable knowledge. Sometimes we just need n escape. And, there's nothing like a good discussion about what should be banned or not to generate lots of discussion. So do yourself proud and read a banned book this week or next week or sometime soon or talk about one with another person.

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