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amazing WWII prison escape film

Here's one for all the historic film lovers. French prisoners filmed the escape of one of their own from a WWII prison camp. Reels were hidden in their heels. Totally cool. The lone survivor of the 7 who were not recaptured, just turned 100. See it on

another job ad today: media archivist job


Archivist job opening at Kalamazoo

Archivist Kalamazoo Valley Community College EmailPrint orSave Job Posted: July 26, 2013 Location: Kalamazoo, Michigan Salary: Open Type: Full-time Organization Type: Higher Education Institution Category: Library/Information Sciences Kalamazoo Valley Community College Website We are committed to enriching the lives of our students and communities through quality educational programs and services. To accomplish these ends, we will: Support student goal achievement through access to learning experiences and assessment; Support a balance between a comprehensive curricular base and innovations in education, personal development and technology by strategically utilizing r ... Show more View All Our Jobs orSave Job Job Summary/Basic Function::
Responsibilities of this position include conducting an assessment of the holdings of the KVCC Archives, then recommending and applying the optimal treatment for the preservation and accessibility of each material type. This includes t…

Wikipedia lists most controversial topics

Which topics in Wikipedia are the most controversial, or most often changed in 10 language editions?
Israel, Hitler, the Holocaust, and God. What a list! Some of the most debated include: GW Bush, the Prophet Muhammad, global warming, the World Wrestling Federation, Jesus, christianity and anarchism, among others. This reminds me of kindergarten, when we had to make a big X in pencil over what didn't belong in the lists. Interesting. To read more click here

Hitchcock films recognized for cultural significance

Early, silent Hitchcock films have been given UNESCO status as being of nationally cultural significance to the UK. They rank with an early illuminated manuscript considered the first book written in English. To read more about really early cool cultural items, including the films, click here

Next week on vacation so enjoy someone else's blog!

US emergency alerts

We all know those annoying, loud emergency alerts. They changed a few years ago and are less annoying in a different way, yet still annoying. Apparently we got so we could somewhat tune them out and no longer reacted to them. Well, the BBC reports that the current US emergency alert system is vulnerable to being hacked. One state's was hacked and broadcasted a ridiculous statement. What if, in a real emergency, the system was hacked? This would not be good. Although, one hopes the alert would go out over other systems and media. We need young techies who can develop systems on an ongoing basis to fight hackers. To read more click here

what info about school children is online and who can access it?

You can pay online for your child's lunch or sports expenses. If they qualify for free meals or reduced cost meals that is online, too.  His/her grades, test results, medicines, learning challenges, and other info is online, maybe in a cloud, depending on the school district. Who can access it? When and for how long? And, perhaps this question is not answerable at this moment, what will the long term effects be? Will it affect their future positively or negatively? An interesting article- to read click here.

My amazing annual statistics

Well it's the end of year for CMU statistics. That means crunching time for #s. Here are my annual totals of what gets counted. Other things happen all the time, like answering rare questions, mentoring students, training and supervising students, interns, teaching, service on committees, presentations, research, workshops taken and given, etc.

Here are the big, hard numbers that get recorded:

82 collections processed, totalling 316 cubic ft. in 365 boxes, 40 folders, 129 Ov. folders, 1 v., 81 Ov. v., and 1 painting.

108 finding aids (108 collections) encoded and now searchable online, totalling 826.5 cubic ft. in 817 boxes, 12 folders, 87 Ov. folders, 10 v., 934 Ov. v., 1 rolled item, 1 Ov. banner, and 53 framed items.

634 catalog entries, and 224 new or amended finding aids.

This year I'm also adding 150 IRB research proposals or reports that I've read and commented upon. IRB is taking over my life!

1000 yr old Saxon skeletons found in remains of church

Significantly, 9 Saxon skeletons were found during excavations under a castle in Lincoln, Eng., in the remains of an ancient church. This was a surprise to everyone. One skeleton is a baby, another was high ranking enough to merit an expensive coffin. Who are they? Archaeologist are removing bones and running tests. They will probably never be able to identify individuals, but to learn alot about them as a group. To read more click here

MY EAD presentation at MAA

Here's a powerpoint about my project to encode the finding aids of the Clarke Historical Library's manuscript collections. click the meetings tab

US, UK, China are all under cyberattack

A very interesting article in the BBCNews about UK being under cyberattack. Like the US, most of the attacks are aimed at development ideas, inventions, tech to make money. China claims it is under attack as well. The US and UK both say China is attacking to make money. The US says it is attacking to keep the US free and safe. There are some interesting stats as to what sectors of society are attacked. Death, taxes, and cyberattacks are now the 3 certainties of life, what an interesting concept. To read more click here