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F. Scott Fitzgerald's accounts and diary to go online

The author of the Great Gatsby was neither good at spelling nor arithmetic, as documented by his accounts of life, payments for books and movie rights, his wife's accounts, etc. 1919-1938. The volumes are going online before a new movie about him debuts. The originals are at the Univ. of S. Carolina. Included is his own account of his life. By putting the materials online, the university hopes that scholars and other interested parties will delve deeper to learn more about the man, his life, and accounts. Fitzgerald died in 1940. To read more about it click here

A. G. Bell's voice

The Smithsonian recently identified a wax recording from 1885 with Alexander Graham Bell's voice on it. It's really scratchy, but here it is at

Friday report:

Manuscript collections the students were processing are mostly done. I have a few more catalog records to complete for those collections.. I'm waiting on finishing the processing of one collection because I had to order odd-sized film negative sleeves for U.S.G.S. aerial negatives of Beaver Island and Neithercut Woods in Mt. Pleasant. We got rid of the outstanding boxes of WDs and shredded. That always cleans the processing room up nicely at the end of each term. One of my students is checking shelves versus the inventory (manuscript location guide). I give the Archives Administration exam Tues. evening, then complete grades. I will have, hopefully, one volunteer student working for me this summer and Tressa working with film preservation. In fall I will have at least 2 interns.

Saw a very intriguing BBCNews article today. PRONI purchased the Londonderry Papers archives, the papers of the Stewart family. PRONI is the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, not something Poseido…

Pres. G.W. Bush Presidential Library/Museum opens Thrs

With all the living presidents, his family, friends, and colleagues in attendance, Pres. G.W. Bush will open his new presidential library/ museum at S. Methodist U. campus. To see its website click here  Is Pres. Obama excited about it? Click here  More later. What will his legacy be? To read more click here  Presidential libraries are governed and staffed by NARA, while funds are raised by presidential friends. To read more about NARA click here

Natl Library of Scotland to hire Wikipedian

Many academics look disdainfully down at Wikipedia, but I love it for quick facts. Is it sometimes biased or incomplete? Yes, but I know that up front, so I adapt. A map of MI is the same there as it is in a more prestigious reference source. And, circus info is often there that is not found easily or at all elsewhere. It is what it is.

Now the Natl Library of Scotland is hiring a Wikipedian, a real job! This person will add to Wikipedia from the information in the NLS. For example, they have the last letter of Mary Queen of Scots. They plan on digitizing it and adding it to the MQof S entry. So they will be adding quality data and digitized manuscripts to Wikipedia, making it stronger. I think that is a great idea. It will expand their user community, enrich Wikipedia entries, and get their great information out there to the public. And did I mention they are hiring someone? It's a win win situation. Just think about this - what if all the major libraries of the world did this?  …

film archivist job posting at UCLA

Graduate History Conf. at UM May 1-11, 2013

articles wanted for Essays in History