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internet access cut under the sea

In Egypt, 3 divers were arrested for trying to sever  internet cables under the sea. Now there's a new way of limiting access to information and free speech. Apparently, there have also been previous attempts to cut these cables. Clearly they are trying to cut off internet access. Why is my question? Do they object to connections to the west, to access to info., all info., or specific types, or are they employed by someone trying to cut communications and wreck havoc in general.  If it happens in Egypt, you have got to believe somewhere else somebody opposed to the internet, or what it offers or represents, is going to repeat this effort. To read more about it click here

Newly released al Qaeda document

A newly released document from 2010 shows al Qaeda had significant plans to infiltrate key American and European university depts. (physics and chemistry), gas transportation companies, attack gay parades, and take down significant support systems, such as "tunnels, bridges, dams, undersea pipelines and internet cables."  The planning document met with approval by Osama bin Laden. It is particularly scary to me how smart these terrorists are. As an archivist I want to know the provenance of this document. The article states the US Dept of Justice sent it to German prosecutors and that FBI agents are going to testify to its authenticity. I assume the Justice Dept got it through various investigations, perhaps even when they captured bin Laden, or through tracing communications?  Where will it end up? Perhaps at the Institute for National Strategic Studies, with other captured documents from major US wars or "wars". To read more click here…

Darwin Correspondence Project

Recently released letters by Darwin to his friend of 40 years and fellow botanist, Hooker, show a deep, abiding friendship and an emotional side of Darwin. Fascinating. Darwin's correspondence is at Cambridge U which is digitizing them  in the Darwin Correspondence Project. Read more about it here

University in Wichita, KS to hire historian

Pink Floyd in the Library of Congress

Pink Floyd's Dark side of the moon album is going to join other legendary music recordings in the Library of Congress. Libraries don't just house old books, it documents all types of information of our heritage and society and culture. To read more click here

Job Ad Assistant/Associate Professor of Audiovisual Archival Studies

University of California, Los Angeles Graduate School of Education and Information Studies Department of Information Studies M.A. program in Moving Image Archive Studies (MIAS) Assistant/Associate Professor of Audiovisual Archival Studies The Department of Information Studies of the Gra duate School of Education and Information Studies at UCLA invites applications for a tenure-track assistant professor or tenured associate professor specializing in audiovisual archival studies. The successful applicant will have research and teaching interests that relate to any aspect of audiovisual archival studies, broadly conceived as encompassing moving image, recorded sound, and digital media archives. These interests might include one or more of the following:  the nature, history, and role in society, of ph ysical and digital collections of archival moving images, sound recordings, and new media objects;  the nature, history, and role in society, of media and technologies fo…

SK news and banks hacked-update

S Korean banks and news media sties hacked by who? NKorea or someone else? The NKoreans blame the US. Nobody knows yet. What does it mean? To read more click here Now we know that the IP address has been linked to China, possibly involving NK. Big surprise. 32,000 computers and servers were damaged in the attack. To read more about that click here

This morning the BBCNews reports that SK says that the IP address was actually a local one, however, they still believe it was orchestrated from abroad. I wonder if this is true or threats happened? I would think that with NK breathing war they would have made sure where the IP address was at. Hmm. To read more click here

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