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History and archives students announcements

KY Historical Society offers student internships. For more read at

cost of digitizing a Colorado county's land records

Pueblo, CO, has land records it wants to digitize. An interesting story for those of you who don't understand the time, effort, and money involved in such an undertaking. Click here to read more about it

center of Chinese hacking found

Over 141 companies and government units in various countries, mostly English-speaking, have been hacked by cyber attacks, most recently the New York Times and other newspapers. Up to now, supposedly these hackers have been understood to be government supported in one university area of China. Here is the building and location. Well, unit 61398 of the Chinese government is now labeled as the hacking unit, composed of highly skilled hackers with good English skills. This story notes something else that I had not read before that important infrastructures have now been hacked into including power grids, water works and gas lines. Well, that does not sound good. Imagine during WWII to stop infrastructures from working you had to invade or explode them, now you can control them and shut them down through the computers. How will America react? To read more click here

slave narratives

During the Great Depression, former slaves were interviewed and their narratives translated, often in "dialect", the originals at the National Archives. In honor of black history month, one commentator has written about them. I'm surprised that he had never read translations of them. They are in many published works and available online. I'm so glad someone was smart enough to document their experience.  For an interesting read on his perspective click here

Another job-preservationist at NEDCC

archivist job

Clarke encoded finding aids project