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Fri report Dec. 21st

As of today I have encoded and gotten online and Google-searchable more than 400 finding aids! I have a couple legacy finding aids left to encode and then all the new, large finding aids that I and my students created since we began the project. The smaller finding aids we created during the project have also been encoded. To access the Clarke's encoded finding aids click here;page=browse

Yesterday I wrapped up processing on Capt. Wm. Bacon's maritime collection of 48 cubic ft. I have processed half of it this month. It is slow going. The man loved to make copies of everything and put them in multiple files. I moved all collections waiting to be processed or partially processed to the stacks. I filled almost 5 sections of stacks, between 80-100 cubic ft. Lots of people suddenly cleaned out their offices and homes the last two weeks so we had quite a pile of collections in the processing room.

Besides processing and e…

early Christmas wax cylinder recordings

Here;s a BBCNews article about a large family which recorded their Christmas gatherings and music  between 1902 and 1917. Click here for more info. Three recordings are in the article that you can click to hear (recordings 2 & 3 are very good).

Call for papers

FB cybercrime ring arrests

If you FB, you could be one of many who were targeted over the last two years by an international cybercrime ring. 10 people have been arrested. Certainly there are more involved. Lets hope they, too, are arrested soon. They targeted private info like accounts and numbers to access people's finances. This is good. To read more click here

403 Clarke finding aids encoded!

As of today, I have completed the encoding of 403 finding aids which are now linked to the MARC catalog record in CENTRA, the catalog at CMU, and are Google-searchable. To see the encoded finding aids page, hosted by UM, click here

This is such an achievement that I'm going to let this post work for Thrs and Fri.!

HC Andersen manuscript discovered

A story about a candle HC Andersen wrote for a friend and never published has been found in a box near his home. Will it be published and become another internationally loved story? To read more, click here

Dickens book

Dickens is not my fav author. Sorry about that old boy. I had to read Copperfield and Bleak House last term and that did me in on the great man. However, here is an interesting tidbit about a book he signed for the widow of a friend, an accountant, whose counting house was the inspiration for Scrooge's business. The season of Scrooge's miraculous awakening approaches. Enjoy.

Cartloads await my return at work

Why is it hardly anything is accessioned in the archives or months, and then POW! tons of collections come in? This is the pattern at the Clarke, especially at the end of major terms when people retire. So, upon my return yesterday, my processing room was very crowded.  I have received 4 cu. ft. of a retiring library staff member, maps and atlases, 1 cu.ft. of oil leases, and MI Hemingway Society materials. Not to mention 3 cubic  feet still on a cart awaiting orders to process or return to donor, and at least half of a 48 cu. ft. collection of MI maritime materials still sitting in the hall. This and next week Tressa is working on completing the processing of the papers of the Morley Bros. of Saginaw. It is quite a challenge. At least 100 volumes, mostly oversize, await processing next term. And there are 2 small collections my volunteer students are working on League of Women Voters and  CMU. Diversity office addition. Plus there is a large collection we are inventorying. Never a du…

10,000 yr old remains of Scottish dwelling found

Archaeologist uncovered the remains of a dwelling from the Mesolithic era, 10,000 years ago. It is basically an oval pit 7 m in length. Artifacts found within include flint, more than 1,000 arrowheads, lots of charred hazelnut shells, and the remains of post holes and several hearths. It is typically early Scottish, located near Echline. Archaeologists believe the walls and roof were covered with turf. I am always amazed when I think people lived and endured so long ago, and without cell phones! To read more click here

What not to do with your recycled office papers

Did you hear that police files with social security #s were shredded and used in the Macy's Thanksgiving parade? Not good. Clearly these folks did not listen to their records managers. To read more click here

Goodby AMIA and Seattle

Had a great last two days. Learned a lot about film projects in small shops with volunteers, Universal Pictures film, film history, and 28 mm film, not to mention cellulose acetate film, fire history (which is extensive) and chemical analysis (interesting). Learned that the film schools like to send interns out of state for projects so Portia and I both volunteered our institutions as possible future intern sites. Went to the fish market, ate out. Met an archivist from the Smithsonian and one from Alaska. Everyone here very friendly. I will miss Seattle. Next year's conf is in Richmond, VA. I hope I can attend.

AMIA Conference

Enjoying the AMIA conf. Met the man to whom the Clarke has sent obsolete media to be reformatted. I'm remembering a recording made at a local radio station that was a disc with 3 holes in weird locations and some tapes of an unknown footage and variety. Heard about an archives disaster in NYC and how local AMIA people and friends came to help wash, sanitize, dry, and label AV materials. Enjoyed some samples of NW films from several states and institutions. Very nice. Met some nice AV people and archivists.

Albion District Library Archivist postion available

Albion District Library Archivist postion available
Position description:
Under the direct supervision of the Library Director, the Archivist will assume responsibility for the physical area of the Local History Room, as well as access to the collection, local history, and genealogy reference. Promoting local history in the community is a function of this job. Essential Job Functions:
An employee in this position may be called upon to do any or all of the following essential functions. These examples do not include all of the duties which the employee may be expected to perform. To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential function satisfactorily. • Propose and implement policies and procedures for the Local History Room based on the needs of the community, standard archival procedures and within the constraints of the Library’s resources.
• Train and supervise volunteer and student assistants.
• Process, store and conserve materials ac…

AMIA Cataloging and Metadata Workshop for Moving Images

Surrounded by university librarians/archivists in the Cataloging and Metadata Workshop for Moving Images at AMIA conference in Seattle (day 2), here are some of the fun acronyms I'm learning more about or learning about for the first time from the workshop description that we would discuss: AACR2, AMIM2, CEN, DACS, DC, EBUCore, FIAF, FIAT, FRBR, IPTC, MARC, METS, MIX, MODS, PBCore, PREMIS, RAD, RDA, and SMPTE RP210.  I know this list is incomplete because SIP, AIP, DIP, OASIS, MADS, RAMEAU, OWL, URI, RDF, VIAF, and SKOS, to name just a few, are not on the list and we have already discussed them in great detail. If you know about them all, we should have tea and chat. Or even if you don't know them. I like tea and networking. And for even more fun, later today, we get to learn about copyright and film issues. We got to see some fun clips yesterday to understand what film people need or think they want for their purposes for our cataloging purposes. I want to point out that I th…

At AMIA all week

At AMIA (Assn. of Moving Images Archivists) conf. in Seattle all week with my student Tressa. Raining. Learning how to catalog films and related materials. Lots of acronymns.