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another call for papers

Call for papers

Petroglyphs stolen from CA cliff

Ok, my opinion is you have to be a complete loser to do this. It had to be a crew. They used ladders, generators, and power tools to gouge petroglyphs out of CA cliffs, 15 feet off the ground. It took hours. Who would do that? Who could create this plan? The petroglyphs have spiritual significance to Native Americans. I hope the vandals are caught before the petroglyphs suffer further damage. I hope they are prosecute as much as possible and then some. For more click here

Anonymous hacks Israeli websites

Supposedly in retaliation for the ongoing attacks in Gaza, Anonymous has attacked 87 Israeli websites trying to shut down Internet connections because Israel threatened to shut off telecom and web links to Gaza. Anonymous is clearly trying to influence political relations, retaliations, and wars. Access to vital information is necessary in today's world to live and function. Look at the New Jersey residents who lost power because of Hurricane Sandy. The governor said on TV that today's residents cannot live without access to information, the Internet and electricity. For more info click here

Clarke Archives Friday report

This week I began the processing of a collection of Capt. Bill Bacon who was the superintendent of ferries (steamers) for Ann Arbor Railroad Co. and the MI-Wis. Transportation Co.  The collection documents ferries, railroads, maritime history, and local history. There are all kinds of subject files, photographic materials, log books, maps, blueprints, slides, correspondence, and other materials.Many, many publications, books, manuals, newsletters, books, serials, and newspapers have already been given to Tanya, our cataloger. It is quite a job. I am attempting to process two boxes (2 cubic ft.) a day. It is an effort. And I processed numerous small bits and pieces in MI and CMU vertical files.

I am encoding the 36 cubic ft. Native American research collection of James A. Clifton. It is a wonderful collection and, I believe, will be a boon online to many researchers. I checked a number of smaller collections I had encoded or amended in the last week. I send all of them into the Univers…